Saving as a student isn’t easy. And you’re probably already aware of that. It’s hard enough to get by on the cash you have without having to put some aside every month. But it’s important that you get into the habit of saving while you’re still young, so you know exactly how to do it once you start earning a real salary.   Find ways to party for less Students like to party. It’s a way to destress and have a little fun before the responsibilities of the real world hit you like a ton of bricks. And it’s good to let loose once in a while. However, there are ways to party without emptying your wallet. For example, take advantage of student specials. If you live in a student town, you’ve already got access to parties catered to suit your budget. House parties are also a great way to avoid entrance fees and you can bring your own booze.   Cut down on your driving Driving is convenient (especially when you’re trying to get to an 8am class), but petrol is expensive. If you live on or near campus, walk instead of getting behind the wheel. It saves you money and you get great exercise at the same time. However, if you live far from campus, seriously consider taking public transport. The bus may be less convenient but it’s cheaper and you can use the trip as some much-needed nap time.   Purchase wisely Create a shopping list before you hit the grocery store and stick to it. Don’t give in to temptation and purchase extras you don’t need. Also, make use of specials and buy in bulk (but only the things you actually need, of course).   Upcycle your wardrobe You don’t need to buy new a wardrobe. As much as you want to go shopping for new clothes, you don’t need to. You can easily refashion your old clothes and update your look without forking out any cash. Yes, it will take a bit of extra effort, but it’s definitely worth the money you save. All you need are some sewing skills and fashion sense.   Saving money is important. It’s not only about having that extra cash you need, it’s also about getting into the habit. One day you’ll be investing money, looking at an asset management plan and you’ll be glad you started saving young.