by Nonkululeko Mabunda As a student venturing into an unknown environment where you are constantly surrounded by the experienced senior students who seem to have a hang on their body types, and have become the fashionistas of the campus, can be quite daunting. Hours of almost every day are spent in front of the mirror trying to find your unique fashion sense, while being cautious that you don't appear sluggish, better yet, like you've just woken on the wrong side of the bed, with the never ending stares that come from your peers and colleagues. Working past this negative silent criticism come comes with a level of a lack of self-esteem and dealing with your insecurities. I've come to realise that people will talk regardless of whether you look fab or drab, and it's all about finding your personal fashion style and knowing what works for your body type. As hot as that girl in the corner looks super cute with tapered pants, or that guy in your lecture room rocks those skinny jeans, doesn't necessarily mean that it will work for you. After all, where does the comfort lie when you are tugging at your skirt the whole day or trying to prevent those pants from moving out of place when you move around? I respect being unique in all essence, and if you leave the house or res knowing you feel good and carry it with that type of attitude, everyone else will not have a choice but stare at you with envy and compliment you, or mention to their friends that you have killed that outfit. We are in a stage in society where people are now becoming individualised and being unique is being embraced. Who knows before you know it, you might be a trend setter-if you already aren't-in your campus. If you doubt your fashion sense, why not grab that friend who you know will be totally honest- with good intentions-while you do your walk in and out of the fitting room as you build up your personalised wardrobe so you can strut your stuff. Image Source: TechHub