So with the hype in over-drive at the moment due to the release of Batman V Superman, I thought this would be an interesting topic. Let’s be honest about it, if you are a comic book fanatic, even in the mildest form, you have a preference, either Marvel or DC. And from the obvious order in which that was written, I personally am a Marvel fan. Don’t get me wrong, DC has some awesome characters but for me, Marvel just gets my vote without any flicker of doubt. I guess you might have to try playing a blind eye to any traits of biases here. Now, if you are not a comic-geek then you are likely to think there is no point in differentiating between the two, but you best put on a mask before saying that, because even though slight, the two brands are unique in their own success. These two created a following that is of cult-scale epic proportion and molded the very foundation of pop culture in the most super-blast comic league ever… DC really kicked comic books into high gear by starting the Silver Age. Marvel really kicked comic books into high gear by taking advantage of the Silver. DC created hundreds of new characters while revamping old ones. Marvel created hundreds of new characters, the likes of which we had never seen before. DC took comic stories in interesting new directions. Marvel already did that from day one.  Marvel has a continuous, cohesive world both on the page and on the screen. The “Marvel Cinematic Universe” began in 2008 with Iron Man. He, among film-adapted superheroes including Captain America, the Hulk, and Thor, appears in The Avengers (2012). A similar cast appeared in this year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. The continuity also transfers to the small screen with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a Netflix series. DC has yet been able to build a cohesive universe on screen, although Warner Bros. has been in the early stages of talking about wanting to do so. The hit CW show Arrow depicts the origins of Green Arrow and also features other DC Comics characters, including numerous Batman villains.  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the upcoming Suicide Squad will be the biggest attempt at a “DC Cinematic Universe.” Once you actually get into these universes you begin to take partial sides and acknowledge the two as legends of their own. Your mind begins to wonder into the fictional scenarios of the “what if he met him, who would win”, and as you step further into the world of masks, capes and yes, spandex, you find yourself falling for certain characters. Eventually you mind begins to see most of your daily happening through Marvel or DC vision, and a simple conversation with a buddy can play out in “bang, crash, whoosh” effects in your mind. Trust me, it happens. The diabolical debate of who would win if Marvel went into battle against DC is as age old as the god-like heroes they have created themselves. The friendly battle between these two mega-minds have proven rather healthy for their existence and often we have found that similarities will play out with movie releases, character changes and theme genres. I mean, Batman V Superman sees the two big names of DC go head to head in massive scale battle and flip the spotlight over to Marvel and Captain America: Civil War brings Iron Man and Captain America to metal on metal brutality. But as touchy as this topic is and (as I now realize) touchy to write about, the one without the other is pretty much like a solo runner on a track, no competition, no excitement and frankly, no challenge. Oh how boring that would be. That being said, I shall get back to my alter-ego life where everything is possible... Until the next one, keep on keeping on