The working world is full of competition. When you’re applying for a job straight out of university, you’re competing with dozens (at very least) of other applicants just like you. You can’t just rely on your degree or diploma to land the job. You need a CV that puts you ahead of the rest. So, how do you ensure your CV is better than all the other fresh graduates? Well, here are some ideas. Work experience Yes, you’re very busy trying to keep your grades up in your final year. You’re focussed on your studies and you barely have time for anything else. The thing is, being a graduate isn’t enough at the end of the day. You should have proven you can operate in the workplace before you even start your first job. This is why internships are so sort after. They give you experience in the industry which puts you ahead of all the other applicants. It lets potential employers know you can handle yourself in the workplace from the very first day. Volunteer work Volunteer work is something you should do because you want to and not because it looks good on your CV. However, it’s not going to hurt your chances at finding a job after graduation. Try to look for a cause that speaks to you and use the skills you’re acquiring at university to help that cause. It’s good for the organisation and it’s good for your future prospects. Extra-curricular activities You can’t just be a student at a university, you’ve also got to be involved in that university. Join a club or two and play a sport (if that’s your thing). There are so many different kinds of extra-curricular activities that will set your CV apart from all the others. Have a look at what your university offers and choose something that really appeals to you. Of course, you can’t just sign up, you have to actually be involved so you can get a reference letter or two. Complementary courses Every course you’re taking contributes to you finally getting your degree. But have you considered taking courses outside the prescribed curriculum? Take a short course or two (you can even do some of these online) that goes with what you’re already studying. For example, if you’re studying management, take emotional intelligence training courses. The real world is a scary place and finding a job is even scarier. So, make sure you stand out when it’s finally time to apply.