It's that time of the year again where we have the chilly season on our doorsteps. With the unbearable colds, flu and the body wanting nothing more than to stay indoors until we feel the spring warmth on our skins. But it's not all gloom and doom, here are some hacks to get you through winter.
  1. Stay Active
Most of us tend to neglect exercise during winter and would rather wrap ourselves with a blanket and sip on hot chocolate. On the contrary, staying active has its benefits such as helping burn calories because your body is working harder and speeds up your metabolism, preparing you for the beach body to look forward to in Summer. So a jog, aerobics or an intense cardio workout can actually prove to be worthwhile. 2. Keep hydrated Even though you do not sweat in the cold as you move around but water vapour is released through your breath. The thought of drinking water in place of coffee or your warm beverage can be quite daunting when it's cold, so instead of eliminating water completely you can balance out your warm beverage with a glass of warm water to keep hydrated. 3. Stay Healthy and Avoid Sickness When the cold season is in its full swing, you don't have to hole yourself up to avoid getting sick because the cold doesn't necessarily cause colds. All you need to do is take a little extra care. Get a good amount of sleep and wash your hands often to keep those flu causing bacteria at bay. 4. Layer, layer, layer Temperatures differ outdoors and indoors, so you might go outdoors to a blistering cold and step inside to experience a temperature hike. To ensure you don't go through those nasty temperature swings, try smart layering; a cute scarf, a cardigan tipped with a jacket so that you can easily remove layers as needed. 5. Look after your skin Lastly, it may seem that applying in lotion is the only way to go, that isn't quite the case. Using the same lotion you apply during the year may not be effective during a harsh winter. Add foods that are rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids to your diet to keep skin cells lubricated. While hot water may seem like a cure to warming yourself up after a day spent in the cold weather, excessive hot water and soap can strip the skins natural moisture. Applying lotion immediately after your bath or shower can help lock in moisture keeping your skin soft to the touch. If by any chance your skin is still dry apply a coat of rich body cream after a few minutes.