Technology has greatly changed the way we do everything from order take out to purchasing books. So, naturally, it’s drastically change the way we study. The library has become more about a quiet place to study than a building full of research material. We can access almost every piece of information we need via the internet. But that’s not the end of it. Technology has changed the way we take notes, hand in assignments and communicate with our lecturers. Certain gadgets can make studying a whole lot easier. And we’re not talking about the hottest gadgets that will most surely break the bank. We’re talking about simple tech that can make all the difference when it comes to getting through your degree or diploma.   Decent laptop Most students have a laptop. It means you don’t have to stay on campus late at night typing up your essays. And it means you can do all your research from the comfort of your bedroom furniture. But you don’t just need any machine, you need a laptop you can count on. A desktop computer works fine if you want to do all your work from home. But if you want to be able to take it to seminars or the library with you, you’ll need a laptop. Voice recorder Using a voice recorder is a great alternative to writing (or typing) out notes during a lecture. This way you can concentrate on what the lecturer is saying and fully engage with the subject instead of trying to summarise what they are saying. You can then listen to the recording when you’re studying and take down the most important parts. It may seem silly to purchase a voice recorder when your smartphone already has one. But think about how quickly the memory on your phone gets used up. Plus, digital voice recorders have much better sound quality. Tablet, iPad or e-reader Whether you’re studying English literature or botany, you will find yourself having to do a lot of reading during the course of your academic career. And textbooks are expensive. They also use a lot of paper which may be bad for the environment. With an e-reader, you’re saving space as well as money (academic readings are becoming more and more available via eBooks). You don’t have to carry around heavy books or store them in your room. Of course, all subjects are different and some may still insist on physical copies of textbooks. This simple technology can change the way you study and make your life a lot easier.