By Matshidiso Makhalanyane “We are against any form of domination, no language should be above another, and everything that is dominant must fall.  The demographics and language policy of the University has changed and the ATKV only promotes the Afrikaans culture.” Those are the words of the Dialogue and Association SRC member Sikhululekile Luwaca, after students at the UFS met at the Equatis building for a dialogues session regarding (ATKV) Afrikaans Taal Kultuur Vereeniging. Many students felt that the organization represented only a certain students on campus. “Students should take a stance and develop their own University Sêr that represent all the demographics on campus and not associated with the ATKV. He said that arts should be used to unite students. “We as SRC has taken standpoint, let us create our own sêr that is not associated with the ATKV, its about principle and what is right, lets come together and create our own initiative,” says Luwaca. “It will be immature leadership if we take a decision now. We are going to deliberate and come together on Wednesday and take a decision that is inclusive of everyone. It won`t be one-sided, even the criteria will be inclusive of everyone”, says Luwaca. A second year student, Lienkie Bessenger says although this is painful, an action has to be taken on issues affecting students on campus. “We need to stand together. This issue affect s our own future, our growth on campus and nation, so we need to start taking decision and promote unite,” says Bessenger The students will receive feedback today.   Photo courtesy by Bloemfontein Courant