There are few things better than getting back from a day of lectures, putting on your pyjamas and binge watching your favourite TV show. The internet and live streaming means you can watch entire series at a time, instead of waiting for the next episode to air on a television channel. But some people consider watching too much TV a bad thing. They think it dumbs you down and is a waste of time that could be used for better things. But they’re wrong. You can actually learn a lot from series. In fact, some of them can make you quite a bit smarter. Here are four intelligent TV shows you should binge watch right now.     The Newsroom This series, written by Aaron Sorkin, portrays the world of cable news and those involved in producing news. While the show has been criticised for not being entirely realistic, it still gives a little insight into what happens behind the scenes. But that’s not why the show is so brilliant. What makes the show great is it deals with real news from the past few years. You’re not watching fake news stories that you can’t identify with, you’re seeing things that you can remember actually happening in recent years.   The West Wing This political drama is a classic. Also written by Aaron Sorkin (for the first few seasons), this show should be watched by everyone who loves good dialogue and a great storyline. The show did start in the late 90s but the issues they face are still relevant today. For example, this rant by the fictional POTUS covers homophobia, which is still a problem these days. In addition to this, you’ll find every episode of The West Wing filled with interesting facts which will improve your general knowledge.      The Americans This show is a must-watch for anyone obsessed with recent history, specifically the Cold War. Although it is obviously dramatised to captivate the audience (as all TV shows are), it is more accurate than much of what you watch on television. While you shouldn’t write your final history essay based solely on this series, you should definitely watch it during study breaks.  The Wire This TV series is a classic. Each season shows you a different angle of law enforcement from the ground level up. It’s filled with good dialogue and interesting scenarios. It will broaden your view of crime and the American justice system. Set in Baltimore, this show is as authentic as you get. After you’re finished binge watching all five seasons, you’ll feel like a local. So, after you’re finished studying for your bookkeeping courses, settle down with some popcorn and these brilliant TV shows. You’ll be learning and having some fun at the same time. Image: Pexels