images_4 Often at times we feel our brains all clogged up and now and again we experience forgetfulness. You might even start thinking you are getting old or start blaming it on the booze you might have been consuming over the weekends. On the contrary It could simpl. be that you've become preoccupied, what with the assignments and deadlines, who wouldn't be. But if you just want to boost your brain power to allow maximum performance or merely for your benefit, read on for some handy tips!! 1. Engage in physical exercise Believe it or not, when you exercise your body, you exercise your mind as well. The blood pumped increases the oxygen going to your brain which in turn reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases which can lead to memory loss. So whatever exercise is in tune with your body, be it aerobics or a jog, as long as your body gets blood pumping it will be worth your while. 2. Ensure you're sleeping Aim for 6-8 hours of sleep every night to get your brain recharged. And those gadgets we've become such fanatics of? How about you switch then off an hour before going to bed to help your mind shut off as well. Reduce any caffeinated drinks or products as those may affect your sleeping pattern. 3. Stimulate that brain! Mental stimulation, according to research, lowers the risk of dementia. So get out there and interact with others, learn new things and play mind exercise games like Sudoku. 4. Be aware of stress Stress doesn't only make you miserable, but might cause serious long-term effects. Stress has been shown to destroy brain cells of the area creating new memories and recalling past ones. Try avoiding taking on a lot of tasks if you can. 5. Food for thought Certain foods have been proven to significantly prevent memory loss. Ensure to include fruits and vegetables in your diet as well as foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon and tuna.