You don’t need a degree in computer science to work in tech. Despite common belief, there’s a lot more to the booming industry than working in code. Like all businesses out there, tech companies need people with different areas of expertise. So, if you really want to work for a tech startup one day, but don’t want to switch your major, here are some departments the tech industry needs.   The tech industry needs creatives Without innovative ideas, a business has very little to offer the world. Every tech business needs people to come up with exciting concepts. These employees don’t have to be able to implement the work on the ground level, they just need to be creative. But it’s not an easy job. You’re only as good as your last idea and creative block is a real thing. If you want to end up being part of a creative team, you should be studying something that requires that kind of conceptual thinking, like advertising.  The tech industry needs people who can sell No matter the industry, every business needs people who can sell. Whether it’s cleaning supplies or an app, every product or service needs to be sold to the public. This job can’t just be done by anyone. And there are a range of different jobs in this area. You need PR people to sell the brand, you need sales people to make the sale and you need customer service people to maintain the relationship with the target market. If you’re interested in this area, you can study anything from marketing and PR to customer service management courses.   The tech industry needs money managers At the end of the day, it’s all about profits and the bottom line. That’s why every company out there has someone (or an entire department) to manage the money. Without accountants and financial experts, a business has no hope of surviving. So, if you’re studying a commerce degree and want to get into the tech industry, you’re in luck. Whether you’re into financial strategy, accounting or everyday operations, there’s a place for you. The tech industry needs people skills Bigger companies have entire HR departments there to look after their employees. And while smaller tech startups may outsource their HR, they still need managers. These are the people who know how to motivate the employees, see projects through from start to finish, and make sure that people are happy and productive. Project management and HR are good areas to study if you want to be involved in this area of a business.   The tech industry needs more than just people who know their way around code. They need people with ideas, people who can sell, people who can manage money and people who can manage other people.   Image: Pexels