Money is tight when you’re a student. Even if you work part time, you don’t have a full salary to cover all your expenses every month. Textbooks are expensive. Food is expensive. And having a roof over your head is expensive. After you’ve forked out cash for those, there’s not much left at the end of the day. Making your money last when you don’t have much to start with is difficult. But there are ways to stretch out the little income you do have. And one of those ways is to stop wasting money on the following. New clothes Okay, so you need clothes. For one thing, walking around naked is illegal. For another, looking good makes you feel good and who doesn’t want to feel good? But just because you need clothes, doesn’t mean you have to spend excessive amounts of cash on a new wardrobe. You’re a student, you’re not on the runway, so you don’t need brand name clothing. What you need are the basics and some added extras to define your look. Instead of splashing out on new items, try upcycling old outfits.   Coffee Something feels so right about picking up a cappuccino on the way to class. It gives you the boost you need to concentrate during the lecture and take decent notes. Plus, you feel so cool walking around with your takeaway coffee, like a character from a TV show. But you don’t need it. Rather invest in a quality travel mug and enjoy your own coffee from home on the run. Sure, your instant coffee doesn’t taste as good as that machine coffee with frothy milk. But it’s a small sacrifice that saves you cash. Takeout If you live in res, you probably get sick of dining hall food every now and then and want nothing more than a slice (or six) of pizza. And if you live in digs, it’s highly likely that you don’t always feel like cooking after a long day of lectures and assignments. But takeout is not the answer. Rather spend half the amount of cash buying the ingredients to make a simple meal (whether it’s instant noodles and tuna or a toasted sandwich). It doesn’t feel like much cash at the time, but it really adds up. Avoid spending when you don’t need to. Splashing out on these things when you’re young will teach you bad money habits. You want to start training yourself to look after your cash now, so when you’re older you know how to manage your money for the important things, like property finance. Image: Pexels.