From time to time, we all run out of money. It’s difficult living on a student budget and your bank balance is always less than you expected it to be. There are just too many things you have to pay for and never enough cash. And it’s not like you can get an advance on your non-existent salary. So, how do you survive the month when you’ve run out of money? By trying to make a little more. Here are some ways you can make some quick cash without having to apply for machinery asset finance. Become an unofficial taxi driver Students like to party. It’s a great way to let off steam between all those tests, exams and assignments. The thing is, when students party, they like to drink. And then they have to find their way home. So, if you have a car, why not offer an unofficial lift service to students out on the town? Of course, you’re not an official taxi driver so only offer this service to friends of yours and avoid marketing yourself too well. You don’t only have to offer this service to drunken party-goers. If you live in res, offer lifts (for a price) to those students wanting to pick up late night snacks in town or those who need a lift to the doctor. Again, limit this service to friends and close acquaintances. Tutor Tutoring as part of the university is an actual job and it’s a great idea for those who excel academically. But it’s not a way to make quick cash. However, you can offer to help out students who are having issues with their grades without it being a permanent gig. Ask first years around your res, or ask your mates if they know of anyone struggling academically before exams. You can put together a crash course on the subject and get paid per session. But, before you think of going for this option, check your university’s guidelines on things like unofficial tutoring. Make home-cooked meals If you live in digs and are known for your culinary skills, this is the perfect way for you to make a little extra cash. University students are known for their unhealthy eating habits and it’s often simply because they don’t have access to delicious balanced meals. So, why not make some classic home-cooked meals and sell them to students around campus? Just keep your prices below the restaurants and you’re good to go.   Being a student isn’t easy, especially when it comes to money. But there are ways to make a quick buck if you get creative. Image: Pexels