Whether or not you’ve started writing exams yet, they’re definitely on your mind. Writing those papers is probably all you’re thinking about right now. They’re a big part of your final grade and the main reason you’re at university. Maybe you’ve already begun or maybe you’ve still got some time to prepare but, either way, your stress levels are probably through the roof. Getting through this tough period is never easy. It feels like you’ll never know enough in time and the material you have to study seems to multiply overnight. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. One of these days, you’ll walk out of your last exam for the season and you’ll be free to breathe easily once again. And once that happens you should treat yourself. Here are some things you can do to celebrate once those dreaded exams are completed. Throw a party It doesn’t have to be a massive party with your whole class invited. It can just be a few friends. The size of the celebration is up to you. Having your mates over, playing some loud music and letting loose is a great way to drive home the fact that exams are officially over. Some people might want to wait until after results are out before they start having fun, but this party isn’t about how well you’ve done. It’s about having survived the whole thing in the first place.   Treat yourself to a fancy dinner Make a booking at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try for the night after your last exam. It’s up to you whether you want to have a delicious meal at the V&A Waterfront or find a hidden gem off the beaten track. Invite your friends or family, get dressed up and enjoy your night because you’ve earned it.    Go on a road trip Whether you want to stick to the back roads and take in the scenery or ride the highway to the nearest big city, hitting the road with a group of friends can be an amazing experience. Just remember, it’s about the journey, not the destination. Take your time and stop at all the interesting places on the way. You may find a really cool hotel or bed and breakfast and want to spend an extra night there.   However you choose to treat yourself after exams, make it something you really want to do. Knowing you’ve got something to look forward to will make the exam period so much less painful. Image: Pexels