Varsity is great but you can’t be a student forever (well, unless you become a full-time academic). One day you’ll have to enter the working world and it’s very different from what you’re used to. That’s why you need to prepare yourself now. Here’s how. Have regular “working hours” In the real world, your days all start and end at the same time. There’s no chance of meeting up with a mate for a beer at 3pm on a Tuesday. You have to be productive for eight to nine hours a day. You can’t take three days off and pull all-nighters the rest of the week. So, try create a schedule similar to the one you’ll have to adopt when you leave the comfort of student life. Don’t sleep late just because your first class starts at 11am. Rather get up and do a little revision before heading to campus. And spend the time between classes studying or working on upcoming assignments. You’ll find you have a lot more free time at night and on weekends if you do this. Plus, you’ll be a lot less stressed when it comes to your exams for your customer service management courses.     Fine-tune your decision-making skills Now is the time to learn to be decisive and practise your willpower. When you decide to do something, do it. Stop making excuses as to why you can’t make the deadline you set yourself. And never approach your lecturer for an extension. You don’t get those in the real world. You have to stick to the schedule you give yourself. You should also get rid of the small decisions in your life, that way you can spend more energy on the things that matter. Create a routine for yourself so you don’t have to focus on the little things, like what to eat for breakfast. Practise your fake smile You’re not going to get along with everyone you meet in the real world. But you will have to deal with them. Now is the time to start developing your people skills. You’re going to have a boss soon and they may be the worst person you’ve ever met. You’re still going to have to work with them everyday and, yes, smile at them. You can’t lose your temper with a nosey colleague or throw a tantrum because a client was mean to you. So, practise that fake smile because you’re going to need it out there. Finding a job and succeeding in the real world is why you’re studying for your degree in the first place. Why not make sure you get it right when the time comes by starting good habits now. Image: Pexels