Price hikes have been quite a sticky situation in the current economic situation climate making saving for students seem almost futile. being more smart when it comes to saving and budgeting techniques would serve as a better alternative for someone still wanting to maintain their lifestyle. Read on for a few handy tips on saving. 1.Take Time To Budget Budgeting might mean twitching your living conditions a bit, but remember; you are not in control of the economic conditions so take control of your spending and saving habits instead. Give yourself time to review your budget and decide which expenses you can live without. 2. Transfer the Excess Amount Instead of blowing any amount after all the important thing have been taken care of, open a savings account that you can transfer the excess the while offering you a reasonable growth a substantial growth rate on your initial amount. Not to say you shouldn't spoil yourself, spend sparingly. 3. Avoid New Debt I'm sure we all know the feeling of temptation that comes with spotting a new item you've been dying to own or that offer on the credit card and how the cash could come in handy. By all means don't be lured by the glitter that comes with being luxuries because there are no luxuries when it come to not being able to repay the debt. Take time to see if you can afford such debt or if you can save up and pay the product you desire-cash. 4. Specials Someone? Look out for great in other supermarkets on the same product you are shopping for. If that's not an option why not buy house brands instead. They are bought and packaged by the supermarkets themselves, and studies have shown that the food quality and nutritional value remains unchanged; meaning more value for your money. 5. Socialise More Savvy Take advantage of any free concerts and free admissions to any recreational places to ensure that you are still having fun. Be on the look out for discounts in cinemas around your area or opt for for indoor movies with friends instead. Rather than going out to pricey retaurants, find local food joints offering delicacies to make your tastebuds fall in love at half the price. Above everything else, bear in mind short and long term investments for those unexpected hiccups.