Moving out of res and into digs is exciting. It’s even more exciting if you’re coming straight from your parents’ house. You’ll finally have that freedom you’ve been craving for so long. No more restrictions on when you can have guests over and no more eating at set times. There’s also no one (except maybe your flatmate or housemate) to notice when you come home at 3am and have a test the next day.   But you can’t just pick the first digs you find. You have to find the right digs for you. After all, you’re going to be living there for a while and you don’t want to have the landlord from hell or a leaky roof.   Decide whether you want a roommate Sharing the rent and living costs with someone is a good idea when you’re living on a student budget. But some people just weren’t meant to live with others. If you do decide to live with someone, you have to be careful who you choose. You don’t want to end up having to sign a roommate agreement like Sheldon’s from The Big Bang Theory. Also, moving in with your best friend may seem like a great idea but it doesn’t always work out. You have to choose someone you can trust who respects your privacy and you can stand seeing every single day.     Know your price range Don’t even bother looking at digs you can’t afford. You’ll just get your heart set on a place you’ll never be able to live in. Whether you’re paying your own rent or your parents are taking out a home loan on a second house as an investment, carefully examine your budget before you go digs hunting. Having your dream digs is nice, but being able to afford groceries is nicer.   Fixtures and facilities You can’t be too fussy when it comes to your student digs and expect a huge kitchen with a dining room and a lounge. You have to be sensible. But having one en-suite bathroom with two people living in a flat is not going to work out properly. Is there enough space for you to live comfortably and store all your things? And there is such a thing as a digs that’s too big (you’ve got to clean it, after all).   You also want to look for a place that has everything you need in terms of fixtures. For example, not having a built-in stove can be a huge problem. Also make sure that the fixtures are decent and aren’t going to fall apart anytime soon. You don’t want to have to wait on your landlord to fix a broken lock or, even worse, have to cover that expense yourself. Looking for a digs is exciting and fun but you need to be realistic. You don’t want to be stuck in an awful flat for the remainder of the year (or longer). So, use these tips to find the perfect digs for you.