Mid-year exams are slowly creeping up on students around the country. The fear is settling in and the stress levels are rising. It’s time to put what you know to the test (literally). The time to hit the books has come. But the problem is you still have so many assignments to get through, before you even get a chance to focus on studying. So, how do you ensure you’re ready when you enter your exam venue? Well, you study smarter, not harder.   Make use of your lecturers and tutors Firstly, go to every single lecture in the time leading up to exams. Don’t miss a single one, no matter how early in the morning it is. But you should already be doing that. What you should be doing now is making use of the time you have with your lecturers and tutors. If there’s anything you don’t understand or are confused about, now is the time to bring it up. Of course, you should try and figure it by yourself first but if you can’t, make an appointment to speak to your tutor or lecturer before it’s too late. Revise during the term Use every assignment and test as a way to prepare for your exams. When you’re writing an essay or preparing for a presentation, take notes of all the reading you’re doing. It will help you with your project, and you’ll have those extra notes when you need them. Just remember to file them away so you don’t lose track of where they are or which subject they’re for.   Have a study kit ready to go When it comes to exam time, keep everything you need to study in one place. All your highlighters, pens and notes (or the device you keep your notes on) should be together so you don’t waste time searching your room. This way you can simply crawl out of bed, make yourself look vaguely presentable and head to the library without wasting any valuable time.   Where you study matters Location is important when it comes to studying effectively. You may not want to leave the comfort of your bedding sets, but studying from bed is risky because it’s so easy to take a quick nap. Different people thrive in different atmospheres. Some people like crowded places and others need complete silence. Either way, it’s a good idea to study in the same place every day. That way you become used to the area and it takes less time to adjust. Exams are on their way and you should start preparing if you don’t want to be sweating over those books at the last possible moment.   Image: Pexels