You know you should be exercising more regularly. It’s probably a thought that’s crossed your mind as you sit in class, lie in bed and lounge on the couch. Your mom has told you all about the health benefits. You know you’ll have more energy and be in a better mood. Your healthy friend keeps talking about how you’ll sleep better at night and improve your memory. But how do you go from couch potato to gym bunny? Here are a few tips to help you get yourself moving. An added bonus? You’ll look a little better in your swimming costume during the summer months. Do one thing Many researchers believe that simply lacing up your jogging shoes can be enough to start a regular exercise routine. If your shoes are on, you’ll leave your room. If you’ve left your room, you’ll go for a 1km jog. And once you’ve jogged for 1km, you’ll probably do a couple more. Be consistent Scientists say it takes 66 days to change your life. In little more than two months, you can form a healthy habit of daily exercise. To get going, you just need to set out every day for that training session, cycle, jog or swim. It’s as simple, and as difficult, as lacing up your shoes. Set realistic goals You aren't going to be able to run the Comrades or bike the Cape Town Cycle Tour right away. But you will be able to improve your time each week. And you might not immediately fit into that smaller pair of jeans. But you will notice a change in how you feel soon. Do something you actually enjoy If you know you hate running, don’t run. There’s no point trying to commit yourself to an exercise you have no interest in. Rather find something you actually enjoy doing and then stick to that. You’ll begin to actually look forward to your weekly sweat sessions. Have a fitness friend A friend who can hold you accountable is really important in your fitness journey. This is the person who will text you at 6am, asking about your training session. This is the friend who will be there with you as you’re pounding the pavement. There’s something about having that friend there with you, whether in spirit or in person, which makes exercise that little bit easier. So, ladies, strap on your sports bra. Guys, tie your running shoes. It’s time to get active.