There are many things our parents’ generation of students have in common with our generation of students. They partied just like us. They procrastinated just like us. And they definitely stressed just like us. But they didn’t have a lot of things we do have. For one thing, they didn’t have computers that could fit in their back pockets. In fact, the computers they had couldn’t do a tenth of what our smartphones can do. And that means they studied in a completely different way. For example, they actually had to go to the library for information whereas we can Google something and get an answer in a matter of seconds. The tech we carry around with us on a daily basis has the ability to make studying a lot easier. If, of course, you use it in the right way. Here are just some ways your smartphone can make learning a lot easier.     Carry your notes in your pocket Five years ago, the idea of reading anything longer than an SMS on our phones may have sounded strange. But these days we read everything from newsfeeds to feature-length articles on our phones. The screens are bigger and it’s easy to zoom in and navigate. So, why not store your notes on your phone? Whether you use an app to scan your hand-written notes or download PDFs is up to you. The point is you can keep these notes on you at all times, so you can read them when you’re waiting in line or stuck waiting for a lecture to start. It’s way better than having to cart around a giant stack of notes.   Listen to your lectures Think of it as a podcast that will boost your grades. You have two choices here. You can record your lectures or record yourself reading out your notes. The former depends on you having sufficient memory on your phone (or a dictaphone). Either way, record your lectures or notes and play them back to yourself while you do all your random chores. You can listen to them while you’re exercising, washing the dishes, or on your way to another lecture. It will feel weird at first, but after a while you’ll get used to and (by exam time) you’ll really see the benefits. These two extremely simple hacks will seriously change the way you study. Of course, you will have to delete the notes and recordings on a regular basis because of memory restrictions. But it’ll be easier to keep up with what’s going on right now in your HR management courses. Image: Pexels