Going out to get your first job – whether it be an internship or permanent position – can be daunting. As a student, how do you know whether you’re making the right decision? How do you know whether a job offer is right for you? One form of advice is from the people hiring you. The people who interview you for positions have likely completed HR management courses. They’ll know what they are looking for and they’ll know what questions to ask. They’ll soon have an instinct about whether you’re right for the job and for the company. But even if they think you’re right for the job, it’s important for you to know whether you actually want it. It has to be work you want to do for a company which you’ll be proud to work for. A job can’t be everything to you; it shouldn't be your whole life. But you do spend significant amounts of time there. So you should enjoy certain elements of the work you’re doing. These are some of the important factors to think about: Remuneration You need to feel you are being fairly compensated at work to feel fulfilled. If you aren’t able to cover even your basic expenses, there is little chance you’ll be able to concentrate fully on your tasks. Mentored It is important that someone look after your growth and progress. A mentor will ensure you’re on the right track and offer you advice about how you can improve. Challenged When work becomes boring and predictable, you’ll have very little enjoyment in your day. It is important you are challenged so you can learn from solving problems. In addition, this will add to your skill-set, making you an asset for your employer. Promoted After you’ve been in your job for a while, you’ll want to be considered for new positions and opportunities as they become available. If you’re consistently over-looked for each new position, you’ll soon become disheartened and start looking elsewhere. Involved In the same way, you’ll want to be involved in new projects. This will allow you to show off an aspect of your skills which your employer didn’t know you have. Appreciated It is important that your manager show appreciation for your work. When you have completed a task successfully, they should congratulate you and let you know that you’ve done good work. All of us enjoy being told our work is appreciated. Trusted As you are promoted and become more involved in different aspects of your workplace, you’ll begin to feel trusted. It has been found that when trust is lacking in the workplace, workers will become disengaged. Trust is an essential component which enables engagement to flourish at work. Convenience How easy is it for you to get to work? If you're sitting in traffic or a bus for four hours daily, you’ll soon stop enjoying your work. Convenience has proven itself to be an essential factor in choosing a workplace. You’ll enjoy living closer to your work; soon you’ll never be able to imagine your life any other way.   Image: Unsplash