"Uhambo To A Bright future" MKL 40th Anniversary of the Soweto uprising. The Youth of 21st century share the sentiments which regards building a better future for each one of us. The current situation together with the future belongs to us and how we work towards that, we need to discover it. This event started off helping gather information for the learners preparing to go to University next year and helping them with application forms. Assistance with the Career choices because our Careers determine our next step in life. The speakers spoke mainly about what In life we should put our focus on and should find a purpose. Thus, doing what you love sets you free and live fully In the 21st century while preparing for the next century. One of the base things that we find as an obstacle towards our dreams is Service delivery in SA. We often given and told promises that will not help us build our future, not build a better tomorrow. Quality of Education lacking and finding Jobs in our best related field of studying. However, we are being regarded as The role models for the Youth of 2016 going forward. And we need to bring the CHANGE we want to see, get involved as much as we can in positive growth. In order to be able to bring in change we should be able to apply Money Management. If often gives us Financial freedom. Changing the way we manage money will give us a better life in future. As Dineo Ranaka stepped on stage the first few words she said was "Following your dream". Working towards making your dream a possibility, because dream without Action is nothing. Sucess in life comes with starting to work now, changing the environment. Choosing the right friends, who share same vision, and isolate yourself from people who do not add value in your own life. The fights of fallen hero's should not go into waste and we should make use of opportunities given to us, stand up for them. Life is not about being celebrity. Life is not about popularity,it is about doing something that people will admire you for everyday. "Phapha, phaphela into oyithandayo noyifunayo" said Dineo Ranaka. A very interesting talk Hope T continued with was posing a questions, Do we enjoy being a consumer? Working someone else? Not being part of the marking of the products but keep on buying them?. The critics that this talk evoked was essential saying we should be the Manufacturers of the products and services we consume everyday. However working for the future is not ideal but work now. If you want to be Millionaire do not set Timeline, start working on it right now. Practice today the life what to have in 5years to come. The Sucess of the Youth should starts now,not tomorrow or the Future. Base your life on what you have done not who you are. People should respect you for the work you have done or currently doing. Siyabulela Sophi and Mali Tyafa members of Makhaza lifestyle emphasized a fact that our dreams alone are not enough, actions, handwork and commitment are key factors that lead us to the right path. They believe that sacrifice could also be significant in your journey. The event was a success, people came out in numbers. The venue was crowded, the young ones who want the blue print to a Better tomorrow, the visionaries who seek to change the world and the elders who came to experience the work of a driven youth of Makhaza. MKLL As Siyabulela Godwana stated, member of Makhaza Lifestyle very positive about the future of this country, he pointed out that Makhaza Lifestyle is committed at presenting opportunities to the community at large. The focus now is on the 1st Friday Conversations that take place every 1st Friday of the month, next sessions dated 05/August/2016. All details on the official page : Makhaza Lifestyle on Facebook. Bonga Maso & Simphiwe Tabata of Makhaza Lifestyle further extended their appreciation to all the people who attended the event, and all the people who support the movement. Hosted by Makhaza Lifestyle. Written by Sizwe Zubenathi Mapapu(Founder of Kasi Holdings)