We all want to make good decisions. We want to live our lives making the best possible choices. We don’t want to find ourselves repeating the same mistakes over and over again. And the best way to ensure this happens is to get into good habits. Okay, so we all say we’re going to study harder this time. We say we’re going to attend every lecture and stop leaving assignments to the last minute. But the best way to ensure we stick to all these resolutions is to create habits that support them. But when do we start these new habits? Diets always seem to be starting the next Monday and we all say we’re really going to study harder next year. But, if you’re looking to start a series of life-changing habits, here are the best times to do so.   The new term You’re back at varsity after a nice relaxing holiday. Your mind is fresh and ready to learn. So, it’s a great time to change the way you spend your days. New courses mean new study material and you have time to be prepared. Get into a study routine from the very first day (or even before that if you already have the reading material). Sit close to the front in lectures and put your hand up when you have something to say. Get involved in the new course and show your interest. If you feel engaged with the subject from the beginning you’re more likely to carry on with your enthusiasm. Remember, it’s always easier to get ahead than catch up just before exams. When you move Whether you’re switching res rooms or are relocating to digs, moving to a new place will encourage you to change your behaviour. Choose a designated studying space. Whether it’s the corner of your bedroom or a table in the lounge, you’ll have a place you always associate with learning. Studying HR Management courses will be easier if you have a distraction free zone where you can focus. And it’s not just about studying, you can start healthier eating habits and create a workout regime. If you’ve always skipped breakfast, make sure to begin waking up earlier to make a quick morning meal. During a drastic life change Whether it’s something exciting or a sad event, big life events can become good reasons to change the way we live. Something as simple as dating someone new can alter your perspective. And with a new perspective, change becomes easier. When your life is altered completely, it’s almost as though you can reinvent yourself. You have the chance to completely change your mindset, including your daily routine.   Of course, you don’t have to wait for one of these events in order to start new habits. It’s simply easier to change your lifestyle at these times. Image: Pexels