Sometimes, life can be a little overwhelming. We have so much to deal with – issues with family and friends, completing studies, finding work and navigating our futures. When it all gets a bit too much, these simple tips can help you enjoy small pleasures, relax and get back on track. Relax with a cup of tea Or coffee. Or hot chocolate. Whatever you prefer. All that matters is you curl up on the couch, wrap your hands around your mug and savour every sip of your favourite, delicious beverage. This gives you some time to relax, think clearly and take a moment to let the madness of daily life wash away. Take a bath There’s just something about taking a hot bath (or shower, if your res or digs doesn’t have a bath) which is instantly relaxing. It’s because there’s nothing else you can do. Okay, you could bring your phone into the bath, but only if you’re sure you’re not going to drop it. Otherwise that could cause a whole new level of stress in your life. Eat your favourite food Whether it’s Umgqusho or chocolate cake, eating your favourite food – maybe the meal which reminds you of your mom’s cooking – often makes you feel instantly happier. It’s a simple pleasure but one which is really effective. Just be sure you’re not doing this too regularly, or you may find yourself relying on emotional eating to feel better after every little thing gets you down. Go for a walk Spending time outside and getting some exercise are two of the most simple ways you can cheer yourself up. When your mind is filled with the stress of your studies – like when you're weighing up the pros and cons of enterprise risk management for your business class. Research has found that both being outdoors and exercising release chemicals in the brain which ensure a positive emotional and mental state. Spend time with a friend Being in the company of your loved ones will instantly boost your mood. These are the people who you are comfortable spending time with in silence, the ones who know your most embarrassing stories and knew you when you were at your worst. Spending time with friends and family is essential for your happiness. Turn off all electronics There’s no doubt that we’re all addicted to social media. For many young people, not a day goes by without a Facebook post, tweet, Instagram photo or Snapchat story. Sometimes, when everything seems a little too much, taking a break from the noise of social media can be just what we need to feel a little more calm. Image: Unsplash