Public holidays are great and we all can’t wait for them to arrive. They’re like mini weekends slotted into the middle of our busy schedules. No tests. No lectures. And no pracs. It’s free time on a day we’d usually spend in class or working on assignments. But they only come once in awhile. And that’s why we have to make the most of them. So often we waste these days off because we don’t plan carefully enough. Or we simply think there are more hours on a day off than there are on a normal Thursday. We simply don’t manage to make the most of these days. But that’s about to change this Youth Day. We’re not going to waste our time. And here’s how. Don’t do school work Many of us put off doing our essays and presentation prep because we know we have a free day coming up. We think we’ll get up, do two hours of work and then have some fun. But that’s never how it works. The work gets put off and we spend the day procrastinating and stressing about the very work we meant to do in the first place. Nobody wants to work on a public holiday; that’s not what they’re meant for. So, make sure you work ahead, finish your essays, file your study notes and do all your reading before you wake up on June 16. Don’t be lazy There are few things more satisfying than switching off your alarm and letting yourself sleep in, especially if you’ve been out the night before. But, if you only get out of bed in the afternoon, half your day will already have been wasted. You don’t want to sit in a lecture the next day and think about all the cool stuff you could have been doing on your time off instead of hiding under your duvet covers. The same goes for watching series for ten hours straight. It may seem great at the time, but will you be glad you binge watched Grey’s Anatomy the next day? Rather do something a little more exciting. Plan more than one activity Okay, so if you’re going on a day-long hike or road tripping out to the middle of nowhere, that’ll take up the whole day. But if you’ve got breakfast plans with one friend, why not have a beer in the afternoon with another? If you don’t put aside time to do fun things, you’re going to end up doing the same sort of things you do every weekend. It’s not about keeping busy on a public holiday, it’s about having fun. This Thursday it’s Youth Day, so why not celebrate your youth and let loose? Image: Pexels