Job Opportunity Job Title: Sales, Marketing & Sponsorship Manager for Greenpop Experiences Purpose of this role: Greenpop is undergoing a restructure, which will mean our non-profit fundraising (seeking donations for trees and education projects) and our sales and sponsorship (selling tickets and attracting event sponsorship for our events) will be dealt with separately. This is an exciting opportunity for a dynamic, self-motivated person with skills in sales, sponsorship and marketing to join the Greenpop Experiences team. Greenpop Experiences hosts green events – green festivals, school camps, ecotravel adventures and workshops. The Sales, Marketing & Sponsorship Manager will drive the selling of tickets for relevant events, selling of group bookings, marketing of the events to reach relevant audiences and seeking sponsorship for the festivals – as well as managing the backend booking systems and administration around this. Our ideal candidate believes in the green industry and is a natural sales person. She/he has a background in sales, sponsorship or marketing, is outgoing and able to speak to different types of people and groups, is very organized and is at ease with admin, has excellent pitching and presentation skills, loves dealing with people and works efficiently and independently. Your role will include but will not be limited to: 
  • Creating and implementing sales, sponsorship and marketing strategies for a range of different events and experiences. 
  • Setting sales targets and actively driving these 
  • Networking with and giving presentations at relevant institutions, schools and companies on Greenpop Experiences’ offerings. 
  • Managing stakeholder relations with partners and clients
  •  Creating new marketing mechanisms for the different offerings including digital marketing, direct marketing etc. 
  • Developing and writing copy for marketing / sales materials and brochures 
  • Creating streamlined systems for quoting, budgeting, bookings, tracking etc.  Reporting monthly on targets, achievements and strategies
Required experience and skills: At least 3 years of work experience in related roles. The following experience and skills would be ideal:  Clear passion for and knowledge of environmentally conscious and sustainable living  Proven strong track record in sales & marketing  Goal oriented  Not afraid to pick up the phone  Excellent initiative and an ability to create and activate projects without too much direction  Well-developed writing (particularly proposal writing) and communication skills  Strong presentation and networking skills  Excellent organizational skills  A creative mind and flexible attitude Other requirements:  Valid South African ID or valid work permit if not South African  Based in (or willing to move to) Cape Town  Able to travel and work outside normal working hours when necessary  Valid drivers licence and own transport  Knowledge of Google Drive  Excel wizardry is helpful Remuneration: Negotiable depending on experience. Retainer plus commissions – starting average approx. R15 000 per month with room to grow. Please note that Greenpop Experiences is a start up social enterprise. The salary will not be able to compete with Sales & Marketing roles in more established organisations (but the excitement certainly will). However, we believe we have room for growth and are looking for someone who is keen to grow with us in the long term. We are looking for someone to drive the event sales side of what we do and grow it to be robust and thriving. We have some large plans in the pipeline. Start date: Ideally sometime in August 2016 (slightly flexible but the sooner the better) How to apply: Please send the following two documents as attachments in one email to Lauren O’Donnell ( by 10 July 2016 1. Application form - please answer the questions below and send your answers on a separate word document (numbered exactly according to the questions with the same headings) 2. Your CV Application Form for Sales and Marketing Manager at Greenpop Experiences A) About you 1. Name 2. Complete these sentences using less than 70 words for each one: 2.1 I’m inspired by … 2.2 I am driven and motived by … 2.3 One of my role models is … 2.4 One of my vices is … 2.5 One of the weirdest jobs I’ve ever had was … 2.6 I’m very particular about … 2.7 One of my favourite TED talks is … 2.8 One of my favourite South African brands is … because … 2.9 Friends and family describe me like this … 2.10 Something that really annoys me is … 2.11 If 2 phones are ringing at the same time – one is an urgent call from a current client who is upset with our service and the other is an urgent call from a new potential client wanting information immediately. Which call would you pick up and why? B) Situational question 1. Greenpop Experiences has decided to launch a new event – a day/night festival celebrating sustainable living in Cape Town. You are responsible for arranging event sponsorship, creating shared value for sponsors and partners as well creating marketing and sales strategies to sell tickets. 1.1 Suggest some brands and companies you would approach for event sponsorship and say why? 1.2 Choose one of your suggested corporates above and outline exactly how you would pitch this event sponsorship package to them: 1.3 Tell us who you would speak to in this company, how you would get hold of them and where/how you would deliver this pitch/presentation? 1.4 Tell us who you think would attend this event and why? 1.5 Suggest 2 out-the-box marketing ideas to spread the word about this event and increase ticket sales. 1.6 Suggest 2 direct sales ideas to sell tickets? 2. Greenpop Experiences would like to launch a new offering to take groups of any kind (possibly school groups mainly) on eco-adventures in Africa – teaching leadership, environmental stewardship, and having fun. 2.1 List the things you would need to gather together in order to ‘launch’ a new offering. What collateral would you need, what research, systems, spreadsheets, contacts etc.? 2.2 Once you have all you need, how would you ‘launch’ a new offering? 2.3 How would you sell this offering to groups? C) Motivation 1. Why do you think you would be a good fit for Greenpop Experiences? 2. Why do you think you would be particularly good at this role (Sales & Marketing)? 3. What appeals to you most about the role? 4. What is your expected salary range? Thanks! Please remember to create a separate word document with your answers (numbered exactly as above) and attach this with your CV in an email to by 10 July 2016 Thanks! Please remember to create a separate word document with your answers (numbered exactly as above) and attach this with your CV in an email to by 10 July 2016