Who knew something so simple could be so controversial? People either love or hate them. There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground when it comes to this small piece of tech. The people who love them are constantly talking about how amazing they are. The people who hate them think they’re serious readers who love the smell and feel of a physical book. If you’re considering buying one for yourself, here are some of the pros and cons of using an e-reader: Pro: You can read outside One of the biggest and best benefits of an e-reader is you can read it while sitting outside. The sun’s glare doesn’t have an impact on the book in the same way it does your cellphone screen. This means more reading – for studying and pleasure – while sitting outside, perhaps on a blanket with your friends. What could be more relaxing than that? Aside from napping at home, of course. Pro: You only have to carry one book There’s no need to lug around all of your heavy textbooks. With physical books, it can be tough to decide between taking your textbooks for your hr management courses or psychology lectures to campus. With an e-reader there’s no need to decide. It’s all right there. Pro: Books can be cheaper The beauty of an e-reader is the books don’t have to actually be printed. That means they are often much cheaper to buy. There are also many resources available online for downloading free books. Imagine, thousands of books just waiting to be read at no cost. Con: You can't make notes in the margins Yes, you can make notes in an e-reader and highlight sections. But there is something just so pleasingly permanent about scrawling in the margins and sticking post-its on important pages. A book with notes and bookmarks looks so well-read and loved. There really is something about the feel of those pages. Con: If you lose it you lose everything With an e-reader, if you lose it, you’ll have lost all your books – everything you’re currently reading and all of your old favourites. With a book, you just lose one. Still sad, but not quite as heartbreaking. Plus, e-readers are fairly pricey, so it won’t be quite as easy to replace. Con: You can’t easily flip back and forth It is possible to select the cover, first page or back page. But it simply isn’t as easily to turn the page to where you want to go. While it’s not difficult, it’s not easy. And sometimes, like when you want to look at the contents page or reference a footnote, that is important and it does detract from your reading experience. Choosing to go high tech when it comes to reading isn’t an easy decision. There’s a lot to weigh up. Lastly, think about this - when you fall asleep at night while holding your e-reader, it hits you in the face. That’s never good. Image: Unsplash