Celebrating your birthday when you’re in res can be tough. You don’t have much money to throw a party, you don’t really have a space of your own, and your friends and family could be living quite far away. But it’s still possible to have an awesome birthday. Here are some tips: Go on a picnic It’s cheap, easy and you probably know of a great spot where you sneak off between classes. With a busy schedule of classes, activities and res you likely have plenty of friends on campus. Invite them to come round to your picnic spot for a casual afternoon birthday party. Spread a few blankets on the ground, buy some food and drinks, and get one of your friends to play some chilled music. Organisation sorted and you’re ready to party. Use the common room Ask your res warden if you can borrow the common room for a night. It’s simple to throw a party here; just make a punch, which is always everyone’s favourite party drink, get some snacks and organise some upbeat music. The benefit to this is you’ll be indoors – ideal for winter birthdays. The bad news is you’ll have to stick to res rules and be on your best behaviour. Organise a potluck The idea is simple. Invite a group of friends round for dinner and ask them to each bring a dish. One person brings the starter, the next cooks the main course and someone else organises the dessert. This way, no one is spending a massive amount of money and everyone gets to have a great time while eating delicious food. Go out for dinner The idea of being stuck with a dinner bill can be a scary thought for anyone – especially students on a tight budget. But make it clear when you invite your friends to the dinner that you expect them to pay for their own meals. Tell them you’d like their company on your birthday and instead of gifts, you’d like to ask everyone to meet you out for dinner. These are just some of the ways you can have fun celebrating your birthday while you’re a student. Get creative, ask for help from your friends and, most importantly, have a great time. Image: Unsplash