You’re becoming an adult; you know that you need to start being a little more budget savvy. And you know one of the best ways to do that is by tracking your spending. This forces you to become more aware of your habits and to put better, more financially frugal habits in place. Tracking your spending now can help put you on a path to financial wellness. This means one day you'll be able to supply all of your records when you're applying for corporate finance.  Banks are far more likely to give finance to someone who shows they are capable of managing their money and have the paperwork to back it up. An easy way to start keeping track of what you spend is by using technology. Sure, you could write all your purchases down. But who actually keeps a pen and paper at hand at all times? Tech makes it simple to start managing your finances right now. Here are some of the best apps to start keeping track of your income and expenditure: 22Seven One of the best available financial apps in South Africa, 22Seven links to all of the financial institutions which you make use of. It connects to your bank accounts, credit and store cards, investments – if you’re lucky enough to have them – loans and reward cards. It pulls all of your transactions from these institutions and starts sorting your spending into categories, like groceries, rent and eating out. This way you’ll soon start seeing exactly how much you spend in each category. It’s scary at first but you’ll start to learn some valuable lessons right away. Soon you can start to see where you can make changes in your life and start saving money. It is free on iOS and Android. Dollarbird This app takes a little more work but can be well worth the extra time and energy. Sometimes financial experts say automating your finances isn’t always the answer. Personal finances blogger J Money of Budgets Are Sexy agrees there is a downside to automation. “It's super easy to miss mistakes and overpay on things if you never pay attention, which is the main downside to automating – other than bouncing checks or payments because of mis-managing of funds, which you also have to be careful of. “Also sometimes it's good to feel the ‘sting’ of paying your bills manually – makes you appreciate money more and double-think the items you're about to send money to.” Dollarbird requires you to manually add your income and expenses to a calendar. It then calculates what you have left and tracks how much you've spent in each category. It can also remind you about paying your bills, ensuring you never miss a payment. It is free on iOS and Android. MyFinTrack Momentum’s budgeting app which allows you to create budget and income statements at the click of a button for you and your family. This tool is available for free, whether you are a client or not. You simply need to register for a My Momentum account. Image: Unsplash