As a student you’re facing a lot of stress in your life. You have all the usual stresses of young people like family drama, issues with friends and romantic complications. But then you also have the stresses which are unique to you as a student. These include – but are definitely not limited to – stressing about completing assignments, studying for exams, dealing with that rude lecturer and worrying about your future. If you are lying awake at night stressing about these, and so much more, here are some tips to help you deal. Understand what’s making you feel stressed The only way you can truly get to the bottom of why you’re feeling stressed is to make a list. Take some time to think about what’s bothering you and write these down. Writing a list can be helpful as it forces you to take action and encourages you to be mindful about what’s stressing you. Figure out what you can do about each of these stressful situations As you write your list, try to understand whether you are able to take action. If there are issues which you can immediately remedy, try to put measures in place to better the situation. For instance, if you’re stressed about an upcoming test, go and study now. But if you’re stressed about an issue which is out of your control, do what you can to lessen your stress. For example, if you aren’t sure what you’re going to do after you graduate, go and see a career counselor. Try to be positive If you know you have a tendency to stress about every situation, try to take a step back. Don’t allow yourself to be stressed about something which may or may not occur at some point in the future. Only allow yourself to be concerned about the issues facing you now. Include relaxation techniques in your day Instead of worrying about the things which are bothering you, take some time to meditate or do yoga. These can have positive benefits for your state of mind. Much research has been completed on the impact of these and they have been found to show a reduction in anxiety and depression. If you want to practice these at home, try downloading an app onto your cellphone which will guide you through a session of relaxation or stretching. Say no to situations which you know will cause you stress There are situations which cause stress which you can’t avoid. But there are some which you can start saying no to. These can include social gathering or events which you won’t enjoy. If you don’t feel like something will give you pleasure, then don’t do it. Rather fill your time with hobbies and interests which you will enjoy. Ladies, if you’re a keen runner, put on that sports bra and go for a jog. Guys, if you’re a gamer, invite your friends round and start playing. It’s important that you find what gives you joy and then do those things. Remember, there are three ingredients to a happier life – healthy eating, exercising more often and sleeping well. Do those three things and you’ll already be well on your way to a happier, more productive and less stressed life.