FOMO exists and it’s something we’ve all experienced. When cash is running low or the assignments are piling up and we have to say “no” to a party, we all wonder what we’re missing out on. Having to stay at home when all your friends are out partying isn’t fun. But it should be. There are loads of reasons why staying in can occasionally be better than hitting the local bar. And here are just a few of them. You get to spend time with your favourite person Alone time is important. And no, studying and writing essays alone doesn’t count. Everybody needs some time to themselves occasionally. It gives us time to breathe and relax without having to worry about anybody else. But it’s about much more than that. It gives us time to just be ourselves. You can wear your most comfy clothes, pull the faces you want to pull and laugh as loud as you want to laugh (depending on the neighbours of course). Most importantly: it gives you time to think. You save cash Money is always an issue when you’re a student and partying can put a major dent in your budget. Going out may seem worth it at the time, but it’s almost inevitable you’ll regret the cash you’ve spent the next morning. From entrance fees to transportation, there’s nothing cheap about a night out. If you spend the night at home, however, you’re almost guaranteed to save cash. For the same amount of money you’d spend on going out, you can order your favourite takeout and still save. You can still enjoy the next morning You won’t be hungover. You won’t be tired. And you won’t be feeling the need to stay in bed. You can enjoy your night and still be up for anything the next day. Whether you have a competent crew course or a beautiful morning hike to wake up to, you’ll feel fresh and ready to take it on. When you party late at night you’re pretty much signing yourself up for staying in bed for the next 24 hours. But when you stay home, you know you’ll be up and ready to go by 10am.     Staying in on a Friday isn’t as bad as you think it will be. In fact, it can actually turn out to be a great night. You don’t have to worry about dressing up or acting a certain way in public. When you stay in you get to relax, be yourself and do whatever makes you happy. Image: Pexels