Social media may seem like a fun pastime that can occasionally get you into trouble. But it’s so much more than that. It’s how we connect with the world these days. And, although older generations may disagree, it can help us a lot. By the time you graduate you should know all the dos and don’ts of social media. You should know better than to share something on Facebook without checking the facts. You should know better than to tweet your boss at 3am. You should know better than to use a swimsuit pic as your Linkedin profile pic. When your time as a student finally ends, you should exactly how to use social media to benefit you. Here’s why. You will be stalked Potential employers will Google you. They’ll start with your Linkedin and make their way through your Twitter until they end at your Instagram account. And it’s not just the bosses. Your new coworkers will probably know where you went on holiday last year before you even meet them. While this may seem like a good reason to delete all your social media accounts, it’s quite the opposite. Many employers look to your social media as a way to find out about your personality and whether you’ll fit in with their other staff. It’s your chance to impress them before you even go to the interview. It’s a great source for information While you can Google reviews of a product you’re thinking of purchasing, you’ll get more dirt by checking their Facebook page. When people what to complain, that’s the first place they go. If you want to know how a company treats its clients, have a look at how they respond to criticisms on social media. The online world is also a great way to crowd source information. If you want to know where to celebrate your birthday or find the perfect used BMW, ask your friends online. It takes a few minutes to post the question and you’ll have loads of replies in a matter of minutes.    It allows you to join the conversation Want to know what’s happening as it happens? There’s no better place to go than social media. You can find out the latest developments, see the pics and listen to other people’s opinion. Even more important, you have a platform to voice how you feel about these things. With social media you have to ability to join conversations on an international level at the touch of a button.  Image: Pexels