Lecturers and professors are great. They have a lot to teach you, which is good because you have a lot to learn. But having someone stand at a podium and speak about what you’re studying is very different than having someone you can talk to about what it’s like in the real world. For that you need a mentor. You need to find someone who is already established in the world you want to work in. Someone who’s been where you are now and knows what it’s like. Having a mentor is beneficial in more ways than one. They know what it’s like in the real world University life and the real world are very different. At this point in time you’re simply learning all the facts and theories you need to know before you go about getting any real world experience. A mentor is someone who is already in the real world. They’re already in the position you want to be in but still remember what it was like when they were first starting out. You can learn a lot from someone who has been through it all. They can tell you what their daily life is like, what challenges they face and the best way to deal with these challenges.   They have the best advice Since they’re already out in the real world, they already know what it takes to succeed. They know what strengths you need and what weaknesses will stand in your way. While your lecturers can tell you this, they probably don’t know you very well. A mentor, on the other hand, can let you know what areas you need to work on and what bad habits you need to get rid of. You’ve developed a one-on-one relationship with them and will probably feel more comfortable opening up about your insecurities. Whatever you’re going through, your mentor has been there. They can tell you how best to go about applying for jobs, what business training courses you need to take and which position is best to start in.    They already have the contacts you need It’s an unfortunate reality that the business world is less about what you know and more about who you know. Most people spend the first few years of their working life meeting people in the industry and making connections. With a mentor you already have someone to make the introductions. They’ve been around for a while and can tell you who to contact and who you should avoid. Having someone out in the real world who can advise you and set you on the right path is important. While university can teach you the facts and figures, mentors can teach you how to operate in the industry you want to be in.