Abed Tau is a co-founder of Tuta-Me  – call it the Uber of tutors. It’s South Africa’s very first on-demand tutoring edu-tech start-up and has recently been named second-best tech start-up in South Africa by Hack Jozi, City of Johannesburg and the JCSE, thus winning R350 000. Abed has learnt a great deal about fund-raising in the last while, closing their seed capital for Tuta-Me valuing the start-up at R5 million. His big picture is creating micro-entrepreneurs through impacting education. His ‘little’ consulting business, Thamani, is no longer so little and has grown its revenues more than ten times since its inception two years ago. Thamani has recently got its third CA(SA) partner as well. Getting busier and with hiring more staff, they have moved to Melrose Arch for office space that also operates as hot desk space for young aspiring entrepreneurs who fit in with the culture. Abed’s big dream is creating a multi-faceted global competitive company within the next year. Source: Accounting SA