tennis Weekends might seem like the perfect time to sleep late every morning, binge watch series, go out with friends and have loads of fun. But the reality is that, as a student, you need to balance fun and studying. Your workload is probably too heavy and your schedule too full to just take these two days off from spending some time at your desk. The good news is that you can combine having a good time and being productive. If you do these six things, you’ll not only have a great weekend but you would also have accomplished some important things. Here’s what you should be doing this weekend. 1. Spend some time alone While it is important to spend time with friends and family on the weekend, it is also essential that you spend time alone. Why? Being alone gives you time to clear your mind, think and make decisions. It is in these quiet moments when you’re truly able to consider and decide whether you’re on the right path. 2. Have fun with a hobby We all need that one thing that’s just for us. Whether you love writing or painting, hiking or kayaking, this is the one thing that makes us feel like we’re living our best life. It gets us excited to wake up, makes us feel alive and refreshes us for the week ahead. It could be just about anything, as long as it’s something that you enjoy and spend the week looking forward to doing. So, whether you love parkour or visiting second hand stores to find vintage lounge suites, this is your hobby and you love spending time doing it. 3. Get some exercise There are many benefits of getting some exercise. Sadly, there’s often not much time during the week to spend time outside playing tennis or at the gym. That’s why the weekend is the perfect time to get active. Exercising fills your body with endorphins and puts you on a natural high. And what better way could there be for starting the weekend? 4. Do some socialising or networking The weekend is the perfect time to get out there and meet some new people or catch up with old connections. Especially if you’re going to be graduating soon. This is the time when you need as many personal connections as possible in the industry you’re hoping to work in. It matters who you know when you’re applying for your first job. So get out there and make your circle bigger. 5. Take care of some chores The weekend is the ideal time to catch up on all those little chores which you’ve been avoiding all week. This might be cleaning your digs or going grocery shopping, giving yourself a DIY manicure or filing all those bursary papers which are gathering dust on your kitchen table. It doesn’t matter what it is, just take some time to get it done now. You’ll feel so much better afterwards. 6. Plan the week ahead Thinking about the upcoming week can seem scary. The Sunday night blues are a real thing. One way to make the week seem far more manageable is to plan the week ahead. Get yourself a calendar or diary, whether it's online or offline doesn’t matter, and make notes of all your commitments, deadlines and activities. Once you have everything mapped out, it’ll all seem so much more manageable. Image: Pexels