can you be a manager Some people wait until they’re in the working world to decide where their career is going. They think you have to know what it’s like to be in the industry before you choose which path to take. However, it’s never too soon to have goals. But, it’s always best to have realistic goals. Many people dream about being in a leadership position. They want to climb the corporate ladder and get to the top in record time. But before you go ahead and put a management title on your 5 year plan, you need to figure out if you have what it takes to manage a team. Do you recognise potential? Everybody wants to advance in their careers and your team members will be no different. Can you recognise where their potential lies and help them grow in their position? Whether you lead a creative team or are in charge of machinery asset finance, you need to make sure you get the best from those working under you. You also want to keep your best team members. You’re not going to be able to do that if they feel they aren’t progressing in their careers. Can you help others resolve conflict? When people work together all day for five days a week, conflicts arise. And, as a manager, you will be in charge of dealing with these conflicts. In these situations, you can’t afford to take sides. You need to resolve conflict in a professional manner. When tempers are running high, you need to be the one who remains calm. You can’t be biased in any way or pick favourites. The employees involved need to feel that you’re taking the issue seriously and want both sides to walk away happy.   Are you tough but fair? As much as you need to recognise potential and help your team members grow, you also need to be able to point out their errors. There will be occasions when people will underperform and you have to talk to them about it. It’s important you’re comfortable telling them they need to improve and how they can do that. You can’t shout and lose your temper with them, all the criticism you provide should be constructive.    If you want to be a manager, these three things matter. Of course, you may not know whether you have these abilities just yet. But you should keep them in mind and try your hardest to develop these skills. Image: Pexels