The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) is a public entity under the National Department of Science and Technology (DST). Information on the organization can be found at

Join the South African Space Agency

Are you interested in working with the space sector to bring real benefits to society? The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) could be the shuttle for your career-success. SANSA invites prospective students to apply for our bursaries to study in the 2017 academic year. SANSA is looking for individuals who are achievement driven, passionate and who are ready to accept new and greater challenges.

Which studies related to Space do we offer financial support to?

  • Antarctic radar studies of climate change (PhD/post-doctoral)
  • Remote Sensing (Hons/MSc/PhD)
  • Earth Systems Sciences with Remote Sensing (Hons/MSc/PhD)
  • Geomagnetically induced currents in power systems (Hons/MSc/MPhil/PhDGeospatial Programmers (Hons/MSc/PhD)
  • Data scientist
  • Multi scale ionospheric physics, structures and dynamics (Hons, MSc or PhD)
  • Physics of space weather (Hons/MSc/MPhil/PhD)
  • Space Weather models for aviation and military communications (Hons/MSc/MPhil/PhD)
  • Software and Software Systems Engineering
  • Aeronautical -, Aerospace -, Electrical -, Electronic -, Mechanical Engineering
  • Space -, Systems -, Antenna - and RF Systems Engineering
.....and fields of your choice related to key SANSA objectives


  • Student should have obtained an aggregate of 65% from previous degree
  • Be a South African citizen (preference will be given to previously disadvantaged individuals)
  • Planning to enrol for Honours, Masters/MTech and DTech/ PhD
  • Meet the minimum entry level requirements for acceptance to a South African University at the level for which the bursary is required.
  • Identify the general research area of their interest (specific projects will be tailored to each student)

Bursary Values

  • Honors R50,000.00
  • Masters R98,000.00
  • Doctoral R120,000.00
Bursary amounts are subject to change

Upload supporting documents

  • Certified copy of your June 2016 results or progress report of all subjects (if no examinations were written) and project titles are compulsory for the application.
  • Certified copy of certificate and/ results of last degree obtained, if not registered 2016
  • Certified copy of your South African ID or other form of identification.
  • Research proposal if MSc or PhD application (This does not have to be already approved by a University).
  • Testimonial (Please download Testimonial template from Bursaries menu)
  • Have a valid e-mail address so that SANSA can communicate with you during the application process.
  • All uploads should have your name and surname in the subject column

Rules for uploading supporting documents

Please ensure your documents are in an electronic format (as stipulated below) before starting the application process.
  • Files cannot be larger than 2MB (2048KB) each.
  • Only the following file types are allowed: pdf (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format file), doc (Word document file) or tif (image file).

How to apply for a bursary

It is necessary to be a registered user before the bursary application form can be accessed. From the "Bursaries" menu, select "Login / Register". As a first time user, click on "Don't have an account" and continue to register. A returning applicant can login to proceed to the application form. If you have any inquiries please contact us on Closing Date for Applications: 30 September 2016