As the fight for access to higher education in South Africa rages on, Statistics South Africa says the number of students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in 2016 has increased to 1.2 million from 410,686 in 1996. “The number of graduates among blacks is equal to the number of graduates among whites yet there are 10 times more blacks than whites. The number of [black] graduates, if we were to use whites as a standard, should be 5.4 million, but we only have about 700,000,” said Statistician General Pali Lehohla. Lehohla released the Community Survey 2016 in Pretoria on Thursday. The survey is conducted between national census and this year’s was conducted between March and April 2016 at 1.3 million households across the country. “Parents are not able to educate their children because they don’t have the kind of resources required," he said,  calling for a different schooling model to ebsure that those who are younger than 14 now get the education they need. The release of the data coincided with the deadline for submissions to thecommission of inquiry into higher education and training South Africa (the Fees Commission). by ENCA