Careers Being sick is never fun. You can’t hang out with your friends. You can’t go out and enjoy your night. You can’t even go to class. You feel awful and all you can do is lie in bed and rest. It’s not ideal. But there are ways to have fun when you’re sick. Here are some of them. 1. Get under the blankets with some movies Use being sick as an excuse to completely veg out and unwind. You’re ill and there’s nothing you can do about it. So, why not grab some movies and enjoy the time off from real life? Whether you want to get nostalgic and watch some Disney classics or have a day of horror movies, it’s all up to you. If you can stomach food, raid the fridge and kitchen cupboards for your favourite snacks. 2. Read a good book Reading for fun is something many students stop doing when they get to university. You already have so much to read for all your classes. But being sick means you have the time to rediscover your love of fiction (or non-fiction if you prefer). Take a look at your bookshelf and indulge in some great literature. Or bad literature, if that’s your thing.   3. Listen to your favourite podcasts Listening to podcasts is great when you’re walking around campus, but sometimes you really want to concentrate on your favourite presenters. Now you have the time to really delve in. And the best part is that you can listen to one episode after the other without any interruptions. So, get your earphones, open the app and enjoy. 4. Spend some quality time with the internet Memes, blogs and social media… there is so much content out there to make you laugh, think and feel inspired. When you’ve got class, assignments and tests, you don’t often have the time to truly appreciate all the internet has to offer. But now you do. You can spend all day online if you want and no one can stop you, except maybe your data.   The good thing about being sick is that you have absolutely nothing to think about except getting better. So, go to the doctor, get your flu meds, contact your health insurance and then enjoy your time off from real life.