Flat13_Mandela_855_599_80_s Former president Nelson Mandela was one of the best dressed students during his time at the University of the Witwatersrand, his friend and advocate George Bizos during his memorial service at Wits in 2013. “I remember Nelson Mandela as tall, handsome and the best dressed student always," said Bizos. "I don't know where he got the money from." He said Mandela was always in a suit and wore shiny shoes. In a laid-back public conversation before the crowd, Bizos told Wits Chancellor and deputy of chief justice Dikgang Moseneke that he met Mandela in the Great Hall in Wits in 1948. "In this hall," Bizos said in response to Moseneke's question of their meeting. Mandela's friend and fellow prison mate Ahmed Kathrada said he met Mandela in 1946. He said Mandela could relate to anyone, whether it be children or people of royalty. Kathrada said he one day heard Mandela speak to someone who he referred to as "Elizabeth" over the phone. Kathrada said he asked Mandela who was the Elizabeth he was referring to. He said it was the queen. "Mandela said he referred to the queen as Elizabeth because the queen referred to him as Nelson," said Kathrada. Source: News24