NSFAS+Logo UJ APB SRC Seeks to communicate the message below to their students: NSFAS Application process has changed. NSFAS application process will open from 1 August 2016 to 30 November 2016. All Applications will be done online, visit www.uj.ac.za/nsfasonline to apply (The website will be live from 1 August 2016).
Please note: Only financially needy and academically deserving FIRST TIME NSFAS applicants NEED to apply online. • Students who were funded in 2016 NEED NOT APPLY for 2017 but you need to meet the NSFAS academic criteria • Students that have historic debt MUST apply online • If already approved and funded by NSFAS in 2016, NSFAS will have your details and you NEED NOT APPLY For more information, visit www.uj.ac.za/nsfas There will be additional facilities provided to assist with NSFAS online applications for those without access, find out more at www.uj.ac.za/nsfas Email your enquiries to nsfas@uj.ac.za NB: Please note that the application website is not live (not working) yet and will be working form 1 August 2016. Use this time to gather and prepare your supporting documents.