What was regarded as an exciting first round fixture of the Varsity Sports Football tournament, lived to its expectations. The is a tswana saying that says " Nnoga gae latelwe ko mosimeng", well that wasn't the case in the match between NWU Mafikeng and University of Johannesburg. In front of a packed and hostile Nwu Mafikeng stadium, the man from UJ left the NWU fans in a devastating mood. Exif_JPEG_420 Exif_JPEG_420 The match started of on a high tempo, were Nwu kept on attacking the Gauteng based side, their efforts paid off when they drew the first blood from a set piece as a strong header from one of the Nwu defenders found the back of the net. Moments later the man in Orange(UJ) found an equalizer through a set piece, thanks to a Matthew Edwards header. With their entertaining attacking football the Blue army of Nwu Mafikeng were soon back in front 2-1 thanks to another strong header from one of their strikers. With few minutes left before half-time, the Nwu Mafikeng goalkeeper produced what we call in football language a "Mumish of the week". As one of the Nwu defenders played a back pass to the goalkeeper, some how the goalie missed the ball and found himself chasing the ball behind the goal line. Both sides went to half-time on level terms 2-2. Exif_JPEG_420 As the second-half got under way, Known for their resilient attitude and attacking play University of Johannesburg out played and dismantled Nwu Mafikeng defense and went on to win the match 6-2. The Nwu Mafikeng captain Sipho Mateis had this to say “It’s still a good call for us, we’re still going to do well no need to press the panic button. It’s a team effort, whatever happened today we all take the blame. UJ was the better team and they deserve credit,”. Tebogo Edwin Lesoro