Postgraduate So, your years as an undergraduate are almost up and it’s time to decide whether you want to get to work or carry on with the books. Leaving university is an exciting prospect for many students. It means you get to put into practise everything you been studying for the past few years. On the other hand, you may want to postpone the reality of the working world and carry on studying. Perhaps there’s more you still want to learn. Or maybe you’ve been dreaming about getting your Masters since you arrived at university. Deciding whether or not you want to do a postgraduate degree is never easy. There are pros and cons to consider. Plus, half your friends will be leaving soon. If you’re one of those students deciding whether or not to study further, here are three questions you need to ask yourself.   Is a postgraduate necessary for your dream job? There are certain careers out there that require more than a Bachelor’s degree. For example, you can’t be a lawyer with just a BA. If your dream job is something that requires seven years of study, then you should you start applying for your Honour’s degree now. On the other hand, there are other jobs that are simply easier to get when you have a postgraduate. You can start applying with an undergraduate degree but you’ll be competing with those who are better educated. In this case, it would be a good idea to study further if you have the opportunity to do so. But there are careers out there where practical experience is far more valuable than a thesis. If your dream job is in an industry that favours those who’ve worked their way up, then you may want to start working sooner rather than later.   Does the curriculum get you excited? Before you make any big decisions, look at the curriculum for the next year. Does it appeal to you? If your dream job doesn’t rely on a postgraduate and you’re doing it because you’re interested in the subject, then make sure the coursework appeals to you. You don’t want to study further only to discover that you don’t enjoy the work. Can you afford it? Doing a postgraduate isn’t cheap so you need to think about the financial side of things when making your decision. If you’re a candidate for a scholarship based on academic excellence, then you should seriously consider taking the opportunity. But if you have to take out a student loan and get into debt in order to study further, you may want think carefully before applying. Ask yourself these three important questions before you decide whether to pack up your bedding sets and books and go home or stay at university for a few more years.   Image: Pexels