Being a student is stressful. Exams are tough, tests and assignments are endless, lectures are early in the morning and late at night. As a student, sometimes you just need to treat yourself. Writer Gretchen Rubin, who writes about happiness and habits, says: "People who go too long without treats often become brittle, drained, and impatient. And the fact is, when it comes to sticking to our good habits, the Strategy of Treats is a very important tool in the habit-change toolbox. When we give more to ourselves, we can ask more of ourselves. “When we feel that we get no treats, when we feel deprived, we start invoking loopholes like 'I’ve earned this,' 'I deserve this,' and 'I need this.' These loopholes often get used to justify breaking our good habits — but when we get healthy treats, we don’t feel justified in our unhealthy habits." Her research shows how important it is to find these small ways to treat yourself. And they should be small, because also tough as a student is the lack of budget. But there are small ways to treat yourself which will leave you feeling less stressed and better about yourself. Here are some of our favourites. 1. At home spa day A little session of pampering is always a good idea. Invite some friends round to your digs and enjoy an afternoon of massage, manicures, pedicures and face masks. Of course, you’ll need to have a friend who is qualified to give massages or you might just injure yourself. But there’s nothing like a clean face and fresh coat of nail polish to make you feel instantly less stressed. 2. Indulge in your hobby Whether you love playing a game of soccer, going for long walks on the beach or an afternoon of horse riding, find some time to indulge in your hobby this weekend. Hobbies make all of us feel better about ourselves. They help us to feel connected to ourselves and like we’ve spent our time in the best possible way. 3. Enjoy your favourite treat We all have that one thing we love to eat but feel guilty about. It could be an indulgent slice of red velvet cheesecake or a cheesy pizza with all the toppings. If you’ve have a particularly rough week or written a difficult exam, you may want to indulge just a little bit. Don’t make this a habit though, you soon may have to spend more time exercising than you do studying. 4. Couch day Sometimes you just need to spend a day on the couch, wrapped in your favourite blankets and watching whatever you’d like on TV. Sure, it’s not the most productive way to spend your day but sometimes it is needed to feel like you've really relaxed and indulged your inner couch potato. And, finally, for the ultimate Treat Yo Self moment, watch the entire seven seasons of Parks and Recreation. The adventures of this quirky government team could never fail to make you LOL. Image: Pexels