Personal brand Your “personal brand’ may not sound like something you need to start worrying about just yet. In fact, it may not be something you ever want to worry about. But, unfortunately, in the modern world these things count. When you’re looking for a job after graduation, having an established personal brand could be a big help. What is a personal brand? When people think of brands, they usually picture cars and products you can purchase at the grocery store. But these days it’s important that you, as an individual, have a brand. It has to do with how the world sees you. More importantly, it’s got to do with how Google sees you. Your personal brand is the image you send to the world. It includes everything from your clothing choices to your opinion on TV shows. You may not think this matters, but it does. When someone is looking to hire you, they want to know more than just what’s on your CV. They want to know what you’re like as a person – what you’ve achieved, what you care about and what you’re driven by. Basically, they want to know whether you’ll fit into their organisation. What defines your personal brand Think about what comes up when you Google yourself. Does the first result tell the world you’re studying customer service management courses on the side? Or does it show your latest Twitter feud with a minor celebrity? Everything you do online contributes to your personal brand. What you tweet about, what you instagram, what websites you feature on and what hashtags you use. Not all of it matters. Your opinion on the latest season of Game of Thrones probably won’t count. But your overall online focus is important. What can you do now? Start by preparing your social media. If you use your Facebook mostly for personal communications and party pics, up your privacy settings so those don’t come up. But keep your Twitter open for anyone to view. Don’t stop tweeting about your favourite shows if that’s what interests you but start sharing content about the industry you want to work in as well. Having a LinkedIn profile is really important. Even if you don’t have much to put up just yet, you can add to it as you go along. This is a social media account that will become extremely important when you’re looking for work so give it some serious thought. If you’re a creative, you should have an online portfolio of the work you’re currently doing for class. It’s also a good idea to have a blog where you can share your opinions and ideas about the industry you’re hoping to work in. Of course, these opinions and ideas will change as you progress, so make sure to update it regularly and remove outdated content.   Image: Pexels