It can be difficult to get yourself out of bed during the winter months. It’s even more difficult to drag on your gym clothes and work out. But the reality is that hibernation isn’t going to burn those kilojoules. You’ve heard it plenty of times: “Summer bodies are made in winter.” Gunnar Peterson, who trains Sofia Vergara, Khloe Kardashian and Matthew McConaughey, says: “Look to the summer. The summer months should motivate you to stay in shape during the winter months.” Fitness expert Tracy Anderson says that you should try to exercise consistently throughout the year, making it a part of your lifestyle. “Don’t approach your workout from a place of vanity. That’s what makes people end up yo-yoing. They get in that emergency state of, I have to get bikini-ready in two weeks, and there’s no such thing as getting bikini ready in two weeks. Looking balanced and beautiful is a bonus to your workout.” So, what can you do to motivate yourself to get out and get active? Here are some tips. Get to bed earlier Waking up early in winter, while it’s still dark outside, is really difficult to do at first. It’s like having jet lag for a whole season. To make the transition a little easier, try going to bed 15 minutes earlier each week for a month. Soon, you’ll be going to bed a full hour earlier and waking up earlier. It’s important to become used to springing out of bed the moment your alarm goes off and starting your workout. Lying in and listening to your alarm go off over and over again won’t do you any favours. Get the right gear The key to dressing for a winter workout is to ensure you’re warm but never sweaty. You’ve got to get the right women’s underwear to ensure you can exercise in comfort. Make sure to do your warmup and stretching inside so you heat up without exposing yourself to the elements. Don’t settle down After a long day of lectures and studying, you’ll probably want to sit down on your couch the minute you walk through your door. But don’t let yourself get too comfortable. Change from your normal clothes to your workout gear immediately when you get home. Go out on that jog or cycle and look forward to a warm shower and changing into your pyjamas. Motivate yourself by dressing for success Research has found that typical winter dressing of fluffy jerseys and slouchy pants is demotivating for most people. This is because you can't see your body and the layer of chocolate padding you’ve added over the past few weeks. Rather, wear slim fitting clothing so you can immediately see any new bulges. This will motivate you to get moving. It’s also been found that the usual winter colour palette of black, grey and navy can have a negative impact on your desire to exercise. Choose exercise clothing in bright colours that you’ll be excited to reach for and wear for your workouts. Image: Pexels