12112515_1140437049324408_3390022255641888224_n According to the University of Mpumalanga this are the 8 attributes graduates will have (or have) and must have. 1. Resourceful, Responsive and Responsible Capable of self-directed, life-long learning; authentic research-led enquiry; who are motivated, conscientious and self-sufficient individuals capable of substantial independent work, who set aspirational goals for continuing personal, professional, and career development. 2. Sound Discipline Knowledge Who understand and respect the values, theoretical principles, ethical aspects, methods and limitations of their discipline; and who possess discipline-relevant professional or vocational or academic knowledge, skills and competencies. 3. Innovative and Entrepreneurial Who are intellectually curious, independent, creative and critical thinkers who are able to innovate by applying their knowledge and skills to the solution of novel as well as routine problems for sustainable development. 4. Confident and Effective Communicators Who are able to engage meaningfully with a range of diverse audiences. 5. Ethically and Socially Aware Change Agents Who are socially aware and ethically inclined, to bring about change. 6. Adaptable Having an understanding of their discipline within dynamically changing, inter and multi-disciplinary contexts; respond flexibly and adapt their skills and knowledge to excel in new situations.