We all mouth off sometimes. We get angry or hurt and just start saying (or yelling) all the things that come to mind. It’s not like you’re intentionally saying offensive or insulting things but occasionally it comes out that way. Often, in the heat of the moment, we forget that our words have consequences. There are many reasons we should be careful of what we say. Here are just three of them. 1. One day you’ll be out in the working world You’re probably going to have to hold your tongue a lot when you first get a job. Your boss may say something that gets your blood boiling or you may want to call out a client for a stupid question. But that’s not okay. You need to keep a cool head and make sure that you’re always calm and professional. One wrong comment could earn you a disciplinary hearing or written warning. Too many of these comments could get you fired. 2. You never know who you’ll need on your side You may want to tell your lecturer exactly what you think of him after he gives you a failing grade but in two months’ time you could need an extension from him. You may want to tell your tutor she doesn’t know what she’s talking about but you could need a reference from her at the end of the year. You may even want to insult a classmate when they get an answer wrong on a group project but you could end up applying to work for them in 10 years. Why be rude when you don’t have to? What do you get out of saying hurtful things? All that these comments end up doing is alienating people you may have to deal with later in life. 3. One offensive comment – even if it’s misinterpreted – can ruin you For starters, you shouldn’t want to make offensive comments in the first place. You shouldn’t say anything you wouldn’t want recorded in your autobiography. But sometimes we say something that could be interpreted as offensive. You may not be aware of the negative connotations of what you’re saying. So be careful. Whether it’s on social media or in real life, you should think carefully about what words you use. You don’t know what comment could lead to you needing legal assistance. So, not only consider what you mean but what other people could read into it.