Black Studio2 Something unprecedented has long been brewing at John Moffat building in the Braamfontein East Campus of the University of the Witwatersrand.  Who best either than one of the judges to tell the story fully. In her own words: I witnessed something unprecedented today. Over 50 black design students in architecture and planning talking about Steve Biko, black consciousness and radical spatial imaginaries in South African townships in a wide range of vocabularies and languages, hosted and organized by Black Studio.
BlackStudio is an initiative by a group of brave and visionary black students in planning and architecture at Wits University, that aims to experiment in imaginative, collaborative, speculative spatial research and design in black spaces. It's largely self- funded by students with pledges from some academic staff and practitioners. Organized by the students themselves, It had about 24 undergraduate participants from 1st to 3rd year. Given the embattled environment in the school of architecture and planning, the outcome was *unprecedented*. Students were confident, articulate and extremely creative in their interpretation of Thembisa, a township on the edges of all the major financial centers in the province. I'm so honored to have been invited as one of the judges today - a very small role in relation to the scope and scale of work presented and logistical genius of Black Studio. I am humbled and very very proud. May Black Studio Proliferate!