10553433_10152628234713578_2774536201044458324_n Dr Musa Manzi, senior researcher at the Wits School of Geosciences, has won the Africa Award for Research Excellence in Earth and Ocean Science, in the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Honours Programme. Manzi, whose internationally ground-breaking work on 3D seismic reflection data from the Wits Basin has opened up new ways of understanding, among other things, the location of methane gas along underground faults, improving safety, resource evaluation and facilitating economic growth, was recognised for “completing significant work that shows the focus and promise of making outstanding contributions to research in Earth and Space sciences”. Manzi was nominated jointly by geophysicists from Princeton, MIT and Wits, and will receive his award at the annual Honours Ceremony and Banquet on 14 December at the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco.  He will also be making an invited presentation in the ‘New Generation of Scientists’ Union session during the Conference.  This session is dedicated to the work of young and early-career scientists and will honour the James B. Macelwane medalists, the Science for Solutions Award recipient and the Africa Award for Research Excellence recipients. Since its founding, the AGU has paid special tribute to outstanding contributors to the advancement of Earth and space sciences. They also recognise individuals who have given exceptional service to the scientific community or have enhanced public understanding and awareness of our disciplines and their impacts on human knowledge and society. The union is the world's largest organisation of Earth and space scientists. - See more at: Wits News