By Mpho Ndaba

June as the youth month has come to an end but that does not stop us from celebrating and commending young people doing great things, we have decided to shifts more focus on young people continuing from the legacy of the 76Youth in their unique ways. The University of Witwatersrand’s Siphiwe Masuku is among those that deserve to be commended for his great contribution to society.  What deemed this young lad perfect for this feature is simply his commitment to youth empowerment and community development. Having been born in Orange Farm, Gauteng, Masuku indicates that a lot of people do not really know some of the challenges he had to endure, which in turn ended up sparking the desire to be selfless and assist where he could. “At the age of 15, I found myself having to work in order to pay for my school fees and take care of my ten years old sister. At that age I had to work at night and be at school by six in the morning to open the gates since I was the head boy in my school” all this resulted from being raised by a single mother who tried her best to put bread on the table.

 Although having being raised by a single parent, Masuku goes on to share a story of how he began selling shoes during his metric year, this went to assist him to identify the entrepreneurial skills he has ",today we live in a society where young people like myself lack work ethic and the ability to exploit every available opportunity around us” he goes on to indicate that since there exist youth unemployment, the state ought to offer financial support and mentoring for up and coming  young entrepreneurs as this has been proven to be a successful tool for job creation. Business and entrepreneurship are not the only things Masuku has expressed his interest unto, it is a known fact that he has been also active in student politics at Wits University and this was through the formation of an organisation known to many as ProjectW. “Through engaging with other students and highlighting challenges faced by our fellow witsies, you come to realize that people are willing to help” he says. Masuku further goes on to assert that the idea behind the formation of this organisation mainly relates to the very observable notion of cooperation. “Instead of always running to big corporate companies, there exist a great number of people at community level willing to offer their time and resources in dealing with the issues faced by South African communities.”

Some of the interesting facts unknown by many include the fact that he is into fitness and training which were birthed by discovery of modelling and fashion during high school years. His desire is to use fitness and modelling industry as tools to further his goal of helping underprivileged communities. Having been scouted in metric by one of his physical education teacher, Masuku has since taken modelling serious to a point where he entered MR SA 2016. The excitement builds up as he speaks about MR SA 2016", I have made it into the top50 and two weeks from now we should be able to find out whether I will make up the top25” he says. To aid Masuku successfully complete his quest for MR SA 2016, you can SMS MRSA047 to 47439 and this allow you to contribute to his chance of staying and winning the competition.

Provided that Wits university produced the current Miss SA 2016, it is only right to ensure that we do what is right and vote for this great brother and a leader whose work goes unnoticed. To you brother we say, stay woke and contributing to South Africa and the world!